Antenna BT: Replacement Emisfera System for Best Fitting WiFi/GSM/UMTS Coverage

What is Emisfera BT System?

Emisfera BT technology for replacement antenna system is designed to improve wireless coverage for WiFi/GSM/UMTS systems. Utilizing a directional patent slotted Coaxial Cable technique the BT System is easily installed, replacing the existing Wifi Access Point or GSM/3G/4G Repeater Dipole Antenna/s.

Particularly advantageous in industrial complexes, logistics warehouses, tunnels and underground car parks the BT System provides extended wireless coverage and, in most cases, reduces the number of Access Points or Repeaters required.

Emisfera BT Technology

DAS Solutions (Distributed Antenna System)
Enhanced Logistic
Traditional AP solution
Emisfera BT solution

Cost Saving and best effort Traditional WiFi versus Emisfera BT WiFi System. Emisfera BT DAS solution allow an extension of wireless coverage, reducing the Access Point number, at the same.

Technologies integrations

EMISFERA BT® solution can integrate all radio technologies of the logistic market: VHF/UHF, GSM/UMTS, up to DECT and WiFI (802.11 a/b/g/n). All patented systems and DAS solutions of Emisfera Sistemi are wide band, with the scope of integration of all radio technologies at the same time.

Complete Solution

DAS solutions for logistic market of Emisfera Sistemi are based on a complete and interoperable system:
A fixed wireless telecommunication infrastructure

Based on DAS solution of EMISFERA BT® antennas, suitable for the integration of WiFi, VHF/UHF, DECT e GSM/UMTS/3G.

A mobile infrastructure

On-board system for mobile client (as forklift) perfectly matched and interoperable with the fixed EMISFERA BT fixed DAS.


Frequent questions

How is the antenna mounted?

We recommend proper mounting kit.

Is the connection to the Access Point standard?

Various connectors are available for most types of access points and GSM/UMTS repeaters. (TNC, SMA or BNC, N, F).

Is the antenna available in custom lengths?

Standard lengths are 30,40,50,60,70,80, 90 & 100 meters, however custom lengths are available on demand.

If I change my access point, do the characteristics of antennas change in any case?

Apart from redistributing the radio coverage the access point is not affected in any way.

Does the BT conform to FCC and ETSI standards?

Yes, antenna connected to a standard access point will transmit at less than 20 dBm.